Support requests for our developed joomla extension:



  Accessible website.

  We absolutely require your website on the license domiain to be accessible for us to directly inspect its condition (no localhost). A temporary super administratoraccess and FTP information are required to assist us in troubleshooting your site with ease.


 Joomla is in normal working condition.

 We expect your Joomla website to be in normal and acceptable working condition prior to acquiring support service. We do not commit in repairing a damaged or misconfigured Joomla website. It is within our means to decline support should the website is in bad operating condition / does not follow regular Joomla standards.


 Reproducible issues.

 Please provide a detailed description and steps required to reproduce your issue. It would allow us to quickly identify the cause and offer you a better, more timely response. Avoid using a vague description such as ‘My photo is missing, please help’. Always elaborate and provide us with screenshots if necessary to help us visualize your issue



 Complete Data Backup.

 You are required to maintain an up-to-date backup of your web files and database at all times. While we abide a strict operation procedure, we cannot guarantee that modified extensions core files or unique customizations will be intact. Please ensure the website has a recent and usable backup.